Thursday, 17 November 2011

Essure Problems Have Women Asking Questions

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As patients we tend to want to believe everything that is told to us from those who are in the medical field. We have been taught that we should trust the doctors and they will make us feel better. But, what happens if something isn't as good as it seems? What happens when we listen and take the advice and something just isn't right?

These are questions that women are asking. They are having problems with a newer form of female sterilization called Essure. The problems that women seem to be discussing are pretty much the same. They are seeking answers and help and seem to be getting little. What they are getting is frustrated and do not know where to turn.

Couples will decide when they feel they are done with having children. When speaking with the doctor they are told that the new procedure is quick and simple. There is no surgery involved to put the little flexible coils into the fallopian tubes and then the woman will be on her way. Over time, tissue forms around the inserted coils and blocks off the fallopian tube. This blockage keeps the sperm and egg from uniting so that pregnancy cannot occur.

The problem is man women are reporting complications after the procedure. Some of the symptoms are:

· Sharp stabbing pains in the sides where the coils have been placed.

· Severe bleeding surging periods or menstrual cycles.

· Unexplained weight gain

· Skin rashes.

· Painful intercourse.

· Changes in moods. Depression, anger.

· Feeling as though they are coming down with the flu.

· Vaginal discharge.

· Symptoms of yeast infection.

· Night sweats.

· Back pain.

The symptoms listed are not a full list. And women want answers. All too often women are being told that the Essure coils cannot be removed. If they are told they can be removed it can only be done with a complete hysterectomy. The fact is, the coils can be removed safely. There are expert surgeons who have taken the time to reverse this procedure.

What about those that have had the procedure and now want children? The Essure procedure can be reversed and fertility restored. There have been children born to women whom have had the Essure and sought the help of a tubal reversal surgeon.

Are you a woman that has had a problem with a tubal ligation or the Essure sterilization? This seems to be more common than we are aware of.

For more information on Essure reversal visit the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center website. Couples have had hope restored after the Essure and many have gone on to have children. For more information contact the tubal reversal nurses at 1-919-968-4656.

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