Thursday, 17 November 2011

What Are The Main Reasons For Late Period

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Wondering on the possible reasons for late period and why it has not arrived on your expected date? If you are trying to conceive a baby, then you would be looking at this positively. However, if you are not, then you should start exploring the probable causes why you missed your period. There are many reasons for a delayed period. By reading this article, you will be able to go over them one by one.

First and foremost, you might be pregnant! Use pregnancy test kits to determine the reasons for your late period. Try different brands to countercheck results. If you are pregnant, then take the necessary steps like consulting an obstetrician. If not, then you need to search for other reasons.

Stress and Anxiety

One of the most common reasons for late period is stress and anxiety. Emotional and psychological concerns can manifest physically and can potentially disrupt your normal menstrual cycle. Typical reasons for late period are situations when you are stressed out and in a high-anxiety mode for long periods of time. Your hormones can go out of control and could be one of the contributing reasons for your late menstruation. Take time out to relax. Get some rest and chill out in comfortable surroundings. You need to acquire the inner balance and to give your hormones a jumpstart to get the rhythm back.

Medication or treatments can also be reasons for late period. Some medication may actually cause delay in your cycle. If you are on the pill, this is usually one of the side effects. Certain types of contraception can also be one of the reasons for missed period. Carefully check out the medicines that you have been taking and see if they have any hormonally related side effects. Just remember not to self-medicate for this can be dangerous.

As stated above, the common reasons for a delayed period are conceiving a child, stress and medications. But when all these are not the cause, then you'd better get your doctor's opinion. Perhaps the cause for your late menstruation is related to hormonal or physical changes that have occurred. These can range from menopause to hormonal problems. Other possible reasons can also be brought about by age or triggered by some pathogens in your body. It is important to get checked for any physical or medical conditions in order to recognize the exact reasons for late period. Either way, it is best to get the opinion from your doctor.

Main Reasons For Late Period

Moreover, reasons for a delayed menstruation are quite diverse other than pregnancy. Missed periods can be observed when taking oral contraceptives, during climate changes, under stress, and having a poor diet. To establish the reasons for missed period, the woman's age (puberty, sexual maturity, pre-menopause) should be considered. Here are the main reasons:

Pregnancy: It is the first thing you should think of among all reasons for missed period, especially if you are sexually active. Such reasons for a dealyed period cannot be disregarded. There are cases when you become pregnant even if sexual intercourse was done during the time of menstruation. Pregnancy can also occur if you missed taking your pills regularly.
Abortion: This is one of the reasons for a delayed menstruation when hormonal imbalance happens after a miscarriage. The removal of internal tissues inside the uterus during miscarriage or instrumental curettage causes a temporary disruption on the reproductive organs and could potentially be one of the reasons for a delayed period. To restore these tissues, it will take some time, usually a month or 40 days after the abortion or miscarriage. Such situations call for medical supervision.

If none of the above mentioned are the reasons for late period and you still have not gotten your period for three months, it is time for you to see a health care professional. However, it is advisable to practice birth control measures if you are not planning on having a child.

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