Friday, 18 November 2011

Post Baby Health: Postpartum Depression Revealed

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When I think back to my daughter's birth I find myself with mixed feelings of joy, sorrow, exuberance, pain, guilt and resentment. That has been 3 and a half years. And I still feel those same feelings today, only now I have a very different perspective on what those feeling signify.

You see, as 'unworthy' humans, we give in to the voice of mediocrity that chatters constantly throughout the day at us that we are just fine where we are or that we're not smart enough, strong enough, thin enough, tall enough, what-ever-enough and therefore we receive mediocrity; and in some cases the mediocrity is replaced with self-loathing, which leads to even more destructive life paths (i.e. depression, drugs, alcohol, emotional eating, etc...). I didn't realize this at the time as I was so engulfed in the feelings that accompanied her birth I really couldn't see anything else. I was in survival mode in the most primitive sense of that expression.

I felt each and every waking moment, and some sleeping as well, that I would drown, literally drown, if I didn't focus on simply breathing. For the first 6 months of my daughter's life I couldn't go two to three hours without crying. At the time I thought I was doing myself and those around me a favor by hiding this fact and just 'making it through' the day. It took nearly a year before I was crying only a few times per week and I thought, in my conditioned mind, that this was a mighty step in the right direction.

I share this with you as you may be in the middle of this experience right now. Or maybe you did experience these symptoms, or you may just be curious as to what 'could' happen after childbirth and want way to be proactive. You need to know straight off that these feelings and emotions are both normal and abnormal. They are normal in the sense that NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can prepare you for childbirth, except for the experience of actually birthing a child! And they are abnormal in the respect that when felt and expressed to the extreme that my feelings were, it is absolutely postpartum depression (PPD) strong at work.

I can say with all embarrassment and honesty that I was ashamed and scared to admit to myself, let alone someone else, that I couldn't cope with what I was feeling; to admit that I was depressed. Once I 'owned' my PPD (which was only a mere 2 years after the fact) I had found a sort of 'safe place' in myself with which to store those feelings. Let me point out that... I did NOT cope with, nor work through those feelings, nor did I seek professional assistance... I simply found a way to 'exist' that fit the socially acceptable norm for functional behavior.

You need to know that this was, and is, a VERY dangerous and destructive method with which to cope with PPD. I have since sought professional help to work through my own residual effects of PPD and have found it essential to incorporate this aspect of postpartum health into my program. When I founded Post Baby Health I simply wanted to ensure women had the most up-to-date information on getting healthy before, during and after baby. My first generation program incorporated emotional health and well-being, but was very superficial in its approach. However, in working through my own depression, which manifested itself in the primary form of food addiction and emotional eating, I have enhanced and delved deeper into the realm of postpartum emotional support to ensure that EVERY mommy has the information and support she needs to live out her truest self every day.

If you feel you are suffering from PDD please, please don't wait another minute. Get plugged in today. My team and myself are dedicated to your health. The first step is always the hardest. Let us take your hand and we'll walk side by side to work through this together. CLICK HERE FOR HELP.

Elizabeth Carbonaro is a mother of 2 who is passionate about helping women lose the post baby weight in a safe, natural and quick manner, keeping it off for good and finding that elusive balance regarding physical, emotional & spiritual health and wellness using natural methods.

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There's no reason to suffer in silence any longer. The help you need is here, it's up to YOU to access it. God Bless!

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