Thursday, 17 November 2011

Saying Good-Bye to Bacterial Vaginosis Odour - How About Right NOW

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The smell of fish is invasive and quite strong, but when it's coming from you then you know that something is really not right. Many women feel like they could be working in a fish shop because of that awful fishy smell. Trouble is you know the truth, that awful fishy smell is BV, a common bacterial infection of the vaginal passage. It causes you to feel embarrassed and you think that you are somehow unclean.

Have you been visiting the doctor regularly trying to get relief for what you now know is BV.

Well that is in your past, there is a way to treat Bacterial Vaginosis that will see it off in a very short space of time, it is a natural treatment that is rarely shared with you at your Doctors visits.

Bacterial Vaginosis is a common problem over 30% of women contract it, but knowing that thousands of women suffer is of no comfort to you when you are one of them. It's re-assuring in some ways to know that this is not a unique to you; it is an extremely embarrassing one though.

One of the easiest to contract and most common issues a woman faces when she becomes sexually active is the infection called BV, that fishy smell that exudes from 'down there' and sends you to the bathroom for clean underwear and maintenance several times a day.

Bacterial Vaginosis is an over proliferation of multiple types of vaginal bacteria that cause a discharge from the vagina that has a fishy odor.

There are many types of bacteria that cause this odor, and many reasons why woman can have a vaginal discharge so the first step in the treatment must be diagnosis. This will ensure that other types of infection including yeast infection or even more serious like Chlamydia, are not the cause of the discharge and discomfort being experienced.

We are not talking about normal vaginal discharge, every woman will know what is normal for her. We are all different for some woman a heavy discharge is normal while others have none or very little. We are talking about an excessive or unusual amount of discharge that is different to your normal day to day flow, usually thin and pale that has a distinct fishy odor.

BV was thought to be sexually transmitted in the past, however this is possible but not always the case as women who are not and have never been sexually active can contract BV. Multiple sexual partners can increase your chances of BV, but then so can smoking, and IUD's or other apparatus being inserted in the vagina.

Bacterial Vaginosis affects your whole life, it changes the way you feel about yourself, and it brings you to the health clinic or doctors surgery more often than you care to mention. If you are now being told as a friend of mine once was, "it's something you will have to live with", then this is not the truth.

The use of antibiotics or creams is often unsuccessful and in fact can be the cause of a yeast infection, 50% or more will be re-infected with BV in the first six months after treatment. Not a very good record, often created by the antibiotics that were taken to treat the condition in the first place.

Search around on the internet and you'll see this is an extremely common experience.

Most doctors just don't know about alternative treatments for BV.

It's not your doctor's fault that they can't be as helpful as you would like - most of them are just unaware of the effective alternative BV treatment methods that are out there.

When every time your partner starts getting amorous you have to keep going to the bathroom to have a bit of a cleanup, spoiling the moment for both of you, and its so embarrassing that you wonder if its all worth it then its time for you to start taking action yourself.

I want to help you get the answers to your BV, there is a natural solution in a great eBook that will guide you through the steps to a natural remedy for BV from your home then you can sleep easy knowing that you have solved your BV and need not have this issue again.

"The BV Miracle" walks you step-by-step through a proven, time-tested, cost effective method for Bacterial Vaginosis treatment and prevention.

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