Thursday, 17 November 2011

An Orgasm a Day Keeps Bad Health Away - Tips for Women

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A group of experts working for women's health program in Australia suggested that women who have satisfactory sex on a regular basis are less at risk of developing health problems compared to women who have sex less frequently. According to them, the pleasure of reaching orgasm each time a woman has sex can enhance her psychological wellbeing to a great extent and improve her overall health. All said and done, the critical question still remains: how can you get the kind of orgasm that every couple wants every night?

The secret to better orgasms
An extended massive orgasm refers to an intense and expanded sensation of sexual climax, which is markedly different from a regular orgasm. An orgasm that exceeds the usual expectations of a woman creates an extremely pleasurable sensation that involves muscular contractions in the lower abdomen, inner thighs and the limbs. Such orgasms generate energy and can release immense bursts of positive emotions in both the partners.

The key to experience such orgasms each time you have sex is to have a perfect synergy between mind and body. Many women blame their lack of sexual desire and inability to reach sexual climax (a medical condition known as female sexual dysfunction) to their fluctuating moods or other issues unrelated to sex. As a result of such basic flaws in understanding sexual functions, they don't even know that they can achieve better orgasms than what they normally do. Given below are a few tips that may help you unlock the secrets to an immensely gratifying sex life.

1. Relax and take it easy
Many couples tend to stiffen up as they approach sexual climax. It does not help at all in achieving better orgasms. You must learn to relax and let go off the immediate feelings of pleasure that occur as you near climax. Doing so will help you release the nervous sensations and prolong your climactic pleasures.

2. Develop an uninhibited approach to sex
Human sexual behavior is often under the influence of social norms and cultures. You grow up within a particular social setup and you are taught certain things that you should do during sex and many a things that you should not do. Now to get true sexual pleasures, the first learning lesson for you is to unlearn what you have learned so far. Approach sex in a fully uninhibited manner: try different sex positions; get dirty with your mouth and tongue and make it happen in any way you and your partner are comfortable with.

3. Strengthen your PC muscles
Pubococcygeus muscles, commonly known as PC muscles, play a crucial role in controlling an individual's sexual stamina and responses. There are lots of exercises to strengthen the PC muscles and experience heightened sexual pleasures, including EMO.

However, if you suffer from female sexual dysfunction because of lack of testosterone, you can try female libido enhancers such as testosterone patches to treat your condition and improve your sex life. Intrinsa patch is the most popular product within this category. It can help boost libido by delivering small amounts of testosterone into the bloodstream. You need to consult a doctor before you can use Intrinsa patch.

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