Thursday, 17 November 2011

PTLS - A Woman's Story

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Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome is something that is discussed pretty much on a regular basis. There are women that are adamant that they suffer with t. How can all of these women be suffering from the same thing but be told PTLS doesn't happen? Good question. The thing is there are many women who are going for tubal reversal surgery and actually finding relief.

No being a physician, I cannot diagnose PTLS. But, what I can say is I have written and spoken with women that have had the surgery and witnessed the remarkable change following. These women are feeling like their old selves again and are getting their "normal" lives back.

One such woman is telling her story. 'Karen' is more than happy to report what she has gone through trying to find help for all of the symptoms she was having. After going to multiple physicians and having medical test after medical test she was about to give up. After exhausting all avenues and having to endure medical test after medical test, Karen contacted a tubal reversal surgeon.

Karen has recently shared her story with the world and not only does she offer hope, she offers friendship and encouragement. There are so many women out there suffering with pretty much the same symptoms she did. She understands what others are going through because she has been there herself.

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing that there is something wrong with you and no one will listen. Or, if a physician does listen, a list of reasons will be given. Some of the reasons given are, it is your age, and let's just put you on birth control pills and you were on birth control pills before the ligation so this is going to happen. Unfortunately, this is also said to women who have never been on birth control pills too. There are no right answers for what is happening. Only out of share desperation do women begin to search the Internet for answers.

Over time women do find answers. They read about what others are going through. Although they are happy to find out they are not alone they are still suffering. Finding relief from Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome is something that takes their days away. They want to feel good again.

This is the reason why Karen is so willing to share her story with women. She is willing to take the time to help others because she has found a way to regain control over PTLS. Tubal reversal surgery has helped Karen feel normal again. Although not all symptoms have disappeared the majority have. She is proof, among others that tubal reversal does work for those suffering with Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome.

Debra Verville

Post tubal Ligation syndrome is something that women suffer with. For further information on PTLS and finding relief visit:

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