Thursday, 17 November 2011

Support Pantyhose to Curb Issues of the Lower Limb

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When it comes to the body parts we are blessed with, the significance of each part is simply irreplaceable. However, one of the most used parts of the body happens to be the legs. Unless we are sleeping, our legs never get complete relaxation. And despite them being the most worked up body part, not many of pay heed to taking care of our legs. However, as they say desperate times call for desperate measures; when an individual start facing or is diagnosed with pooling of blood in the lower limbs, that's when they begin to search for remedial measures.

Thanks to the development of compression support pantyhose, people with pooling of blood in the lower limbs can curb the issue by a great extent. In order to understand how compression socks work, you need to understand what causes the pooling of blood in the legs. To give you in a nutshell, pooling of blood occurs due to the decrease in the blood pressure in the arteries. This can happen due to high cholesterol, heart ailment, diabetes, and even pregnancy! In this condition, the legs start to swell, may develop sores, pain will persist, and the individual may also sense numbness in their feet.

Now, compression support pantyhose are made from a special material. This material is made to offer uniform pressure on the legs of the person wearing the pantyhose. By increasing external pressure on the arteries, compression socks are able to promote the flow of blood back to the heart, thereby preventing pooling of blood. It is due to this characteristic property of these compression hoses that they have become immensely popular in all parts of the world and are being widely prescribed by registered medical practitioners.

Unfortunately, the fame gained by support pantyhose worked against their favor rather than working for them. As soon as their market segment witnessed a rise, a number of manufacturers and importers stepped into the league offering poor quality compression hosiery at extremely low prices. Such sellers are a potential threat to first time buyers as the offers they come out with are extremely wisely disguised. Thus, if you have to buy support pantyhose, it is very important to go with a trusted seller. This is the reason you must buy these stockings from an online seller so that you may check the reviews the pantyhose you are about to buy has received from the previous buyers.

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