Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tubal Reversal Surgery and Buying Baby Things

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One of the greatest things about tubal reversal surgery is the chance to become pregnant. Although this isn't the only reason why women have the surgery, it is one of the most common. When planning on having the reversal surgery women will begin stocking up on the baby items. Why do they do this even though they are not pregnant yet? Because it gives them hope and something to look forward to when the day finally does come and they are holding their precious baby.

This is a big discussion among tubal reversal women. There are even some that will begin buying baby items before they even have the surgery. It makes the whole process seem more "real". They will watch for the sales and begin to stock up on things.

Now, on the other side of the spectrum are the women that are afraid to pre-buy things. They feel that if they begin buying things that the pregnancy will never happen. They are afraid to get all of the things that are needed and will never be able to use it. Then there are the strong women that know tubal reversal is not a guarantee to have a baby. What will they do with the items if they do not become pregnant? They will donate the items to those that can use it. They will be helping someone if they do not become pregnant.

One of the main things witnessed in the tubal reversal community is the positive outlook on things. There are the women that even though they have not conceived yet are cheering the others on. When it seems like they are about to give up they seek the advice and support of the others on the board.

The one thing about tubal reversal surgery is that it restores hope. Although there is not a guarantee of pregnancy with any type of fertility treatment, there is still hope. With a positive attitude and being surrounded by support things have a way of going smoother. The tubal reversal journey can be a very emotional time and having friends that understand will make things easier.

Sharing what your plans are and buying those baby things helps to keep that positive outlook. If things begin to get frustrating then returning to those who understand brings an understanding of the journey. With time and patience the day you have been waiting for comes along. And after the surgery it is then time to share the experience with others and show them support. Over time others will be in your shoes and having the experience you have helps others.

So buying those baby clothes when the tubal reversal surgery is scheduled? If you are, you are in good company. Not only are you in good company you will also have the things needed for the day your reversal baby makes his or her entrance into the world.

Debra Verville

Tubal reversal surgery is used to restore fertility to those who have had a tubal ligation. Buying baby items is just one way in which women begin their journey. For more information on tubal ligation reversal surgery visit the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center website by visiting

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