Friday, 2 March 2012

How To Treat Heartburn: A Basic Guide to Common Causes and Self Help Tips

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Heartburn is a digestive complaint which manifests as a burning sensation rising up from the abdominal area to the throat. Even mild heartburn attacks can lead to high levels of discomfort and sleepless nights. In this article I will outline some of the most common causes and how they can be avoided plus suggest some basic tips about natural heartburn remedies.

Heartburn attacks are generally worse during the night and can disrupt sleep. This is simply down to gravity, when you lay down it is much easier for the excessive acid to raise up the esophagus. If you are suffering an attack a night sit up until it subsides then when laying back down prop yourself up on pillows so your upper body is at an angle. You can even use blocks to raise the head of the bed slightly.

Prevention is better than cure as they say so let us also look at the cause of night heartburn attacks. Many people eat their largest meal of the day in the evening so the body is then working to digest that meal for several hours after. To help prevent this causing heartburn eat a smaller meal and take the time to chew the food properly as this will aid digestion. Also take smaller bites and sip water as you eat. It can also be beneficial to
take a gentle walk after eating, this will help with digestion and being upright will keep acid in your stomach.

Certain foods types are more prone to causing heartburn than others so be selective of what you eat in general but particularly in the evening. Avoid spicy food, dairy products and high fat foods as well a junk food. There are also some specific foods to avoid such as onions, tomatoes and spices.

Another common heartburn cause is caffeine. Try and moderate your caffeine intake, if you find this difficult to do you may need to gradually reduces the number of cups of coffee you drink during the day. You can substitute coffee for green or herbal tea. Depending on the variety they are low in caffeine or caffeine free and many such as, ginger and chamomile can actually aid digestion and help heal the lining of the abdomen from damage caused by digestive complaints.

When experiencing an attack a small cup of milk or coconut milk can provide instant relief. Water can also help and you should aim to drink plenty of fresh water each day, it will aid digestion and help flush out bodily toxins.

In summary if you follow a healthy diet, being mindful of what you eat and use some of the basic tips listed you can help reduce your acid indigestion symptoms significantly.

I have recently started a blog entitled 'How To Treat Heartburn' which provides advice on how to treat hearturn using natural remedies and also looks at the causes of heartburn. This will aid many people who suffer from acid indigestion and related digestive complaints to provide themselves with relief in a natural and safe way.

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