Friday, 2 March 2012

Why You Should Consider the Tortoise Approach to Getting Healthy

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In this article I will explain why you should consider using the tortoise approach to getting healthy. I will explain what I mean by the tortoise approach. Then I will show you how this approach can be used to help you change your eating and exercise habits easily and permanently.

So what do I mean by the tortoise approach? Well, you've probably twigged that I'm referring to the story of the tortoise and the hare and how the tortoise wins by being slow and steady. The hare sets off at a fast pace but then stops and then when he gets going again it's too late. This is where I diverge from the story as I maintain that not only does the tortoise win the race but that the hare is unlikely to reach the finishing line.

So let me translate that into the context of getting fit and healthy so that you understand why I'm advocating that you use the tortoise approach. The hare is the person who, for example, decides to start an exercise programme, maybe following the latest celebrity fitness DVD, and really gives it their all for the first few days, maybe even a few weeks. But then your enthusiasm wanes and you begin to do it less often and/or for short periods until eventually you stop altogether. This can happen because of the everyday challenges of life like having to work extra hours to meet a deadline at work or you get ill or you just don't enjoy it and can't force yourself to keep going. Either way you feel bad, guilty even but the thought of pushing yourself to get back into it is not appealing and so you find reasons not to do so until the pain of being unfit gets so extreme that you start this process again.

Now let's look at the tortoise. The tortoise, in contrast, is the person who commits to a long term programme, indeed a lifelong programme, of slowly, gently, gradually building up their fitness level, maintaining it and adjusting it to fit the changing circumstances of their life. They start with a small, easily achieveable step of, for example, a 5 minute walk every day and each week increase the time and/or the speed of their walk until they reach the level of fitness they are aiming for. Then they focus on maintaining that level until it has become a natural and automatic part of their life. They feel good about themselves from day 1 and almost effortlessly transform their health once and for all.

Which route to health sounds more appealing to you?

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