Friday, 2 March 2012

Working As a Night Nurse

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If you have ever considered a career in nursing, you may have already looked into the many different fields that nursing encompasses. For instance, you could work in dermatology, hospice, pediatrics, nurse-midwifery, wound care, rehabilitation, plastic surgery, or radiology, among several other choices. Many of these fields require night shift work, and as undesirable as that may sound, you might want to take a second look at it. In nursing, as well as several other career fields, working nights can be extremely lucrative and may even help to push your career forward, if you are looking for a raise or a promotion.

Working the graveyard shift sounds about as exciting and attractive as working in a graveyard (unless you are actually into that kind of thing), but being a night shift worker can be very good for your bank account. Companies always pay their night shifts a great deal more - anywhere from 10 to 20 percent more than the average salaries for their positions! You may have some exhausting nights, especially working as a night nurse in any field, but the satisfaction of knowing that you are getting paid well for your time will be enough to get you through to the next shift.

Night shift nurses are also at an advantage when it comes to raises and promotions. You are not competing with the day workers, of which there are many more than the night shift, so you have more opportunities to climb the promotion ladder. It is also a disadvantage if you are not particularly good at your job, because your lack of skills will be that much more obvious in a smaller pool of nurses. If you are a hard worker, your good work will stand out, and vice versa. Nonetheless, you should be glad to have better chances for advancement in your field by working nights.

Something many people may not initially realize is that, aside from the extra money and better career advancement opportunities, you also are less likely to have to waste your time on endless meetings. Since there are not many higher-ups working the night shift, you will probably not have many meetings at all, and if you do, they will be focused and short.

The biggest benefit of working nights is the traffic. If you live in a high traffic city and waste hours of your time fighting through it on the highways, you will be relieved to realize that there is virtually no traffic at 3 in the morning, which is when you will probably be getting off from your shift. If you do have to work until the sun comes up, take heart; you will be going against the flow of traffic!

If you feel like nursing is the right career for you, take a look at the many different types of nursing degrees. You may need help paying for school, so be sure to also look into financial aid for nursing schools. Knowing what can be done to help you pay for nursing school is very important, so take your time and read as much information as you can.

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