Friday, 2 March 2012

Bringing Together Whey Protein And Your Fitness Workout Programs

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When I take on a new customer and we put together solid fitness workout programs to help them actualize their goals, the next thing I ask for is to email me their daily diet plan. More times than not, I see a shortage of protein being consumed in their diet programs. If you are one of those folks who find it hard to get additional protein in your diet to help feed the muscles you're trying to amplify on your workout program, I highly suggest you look into supplementing with a protein powder. Let's take a look at whey protein, one of my favourites that I feed on a daily basis.

How much protein should you be absorbing daily?

The rule of thumb is to multiply 1.5 x your bodyweight. So let's say you weight 150 pounds. This means you should be absorbing 225 grams of protein spread over six daily meals. Just as important as it is to absorb the right amount of protein daily, it's also as important to not consume too much. It can overload your kidneys/liver causing failure which is very grave.

Neither should you try to eat less than 6 meals a day as that affects your insulin levels which affects your weight loss goals. If you're falling short of your daily protein requirements, talk to a supplement professional about which one is best suited for your body. If you agree to choose whey, source out a trustworthy brand, preferably one that is hormone/antibiotic-free.

When is the most fitting time to supplement with a protein shake?

Most would say post workout, especially if it was a high intensity. Your body has been pushed to its limits and in need of solid nutrition/protein to help fix the wears and tears. It's also more easily consumed into your muscle cells after your fitness exercises. Having said that there has also been studies shown that consuming it pre-workout can help in preserving the muscle tissues, which can break down during your workout. I personally find that consuming a shake or food before I workout can lead me to feeling dizziness, therefore I like to enjoy it at the end. Having a protein powder on hand that mixes freely with water allows you to access it from wherever you are. Shake, drink and go!

Main point, if you're dedicated to a training regime, you owe your diet the same level of attention. Supplements can help you get there if your diet is lacking.

If you're someone who wants to know more about diet programs or how to combine some great fitness workout programs into your daily life, then is for you. We can introduce you to a great workout plan with a healthy nutritious diet to go with it. Learn from the pros who train the pros.

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