Friday, 2 March 2012

Why You Are Having Blue Poop?

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As a matter of fact, blue color as your poop is something extremely uncommon when it comes to poop color, and it is not precisely impossible for blue colored poop to occur. Depending on your situation as well as condition, the reasons may vary in this regard. However, most of the times the reasons are normally related to the consumption of something you had earlier to the specific bowel movement. Sadly though, there are also some specific diseases that could be an outcome for the bluish greenish shade of the poop. The good news here is that if your poop is only blue in color without being greenish in any way, then it is not at all associated with any kind of disease.

What Causes Your Poop To Turn Blue?

- Prussian blue - It happens to be one of the established reasons when it comes to the occurrence of blue poop and it is because of the indirect consumption of several pigments and Prussian blue turns out to be one the pigments. The pigment of Prussian blue is also being utilized in capsules to treat patients who are suffering from the problem of thallium poisoning, cesium poisoning or radiation poisoning. Chemically, it has been regarded as a dye, and all such patients who have been provided with considerably a high dosage of this capsule may excrete blue shaded poop until the entire pigment is out of their system.

- Artificial Dyes in Drink And Food Items - Edible dyes happens to be one of the most common reasons when it comes to the occurrence of blue poop as in the present times there are a large number of drinks and food items that are available with these dyes as their vital ingredient. Some of the most commonly consumed items that lead to blue colored stool include ice-cream, colored candy, blue curaƧao, grape soda, Kool Aid and many others.

- Baby Formulas - Babies and infants are very well known for excreting poops of different shades and in most of the scenarios, it is nothing to be worried about. If your baby has been excreting blue poop, it is generally the outcome of the baby formula that you have been feeding the baby with.

- Consuming Inedible Colors - Mentally challenged individuals as well as small kinds may at time consume colored items such as crayons, glitters or colors that could be another vital reason behind the appearance of blue poop.

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