Friday, 2 March 2012

Understanding Cell Phone and Electromagnetic Radiation

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Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy that charged particles emit when they are on the move. This energy is in the form of waves that travel at the speed of light in vacuum. It consists of waves that have different frequencies and these waves are classified accordingly. One portion of the spectrum is responsible for producing luminance and the other portions have their applications as well.

The classification of the spectrum in increasing order of frequencies is gamma radiation, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light region, infrared radiation, microwaves, and radio waves. We humans have learned to harness each of these for our benefits. Like the ultra violet rays in the manufacturing industry, X-rays for medical and industrial detection of fractures and fissure. Radio waves have been utilized in satellite communication and microwaves for microwave ovens, etc.

Further Electromagnetic radiation can be divided into two categories, ionizing and non-ionizing radiations. Out of these two, ionizing radiation is hazardous to human health. Ionizing radiation hampers the bioelectrical signals in the body that are sent out by the nervous system in order to control various functions.

Recent studies have shown that many devices, especially cell phones, emit electromagnetic radiation that can be harmful to the human health. Cell phone radiation damages the brain cells, creates tumours in the head. It also increases the risks of cancer in the humans. This is because they are placed very close to the head and there usage requires emission and consumption of radiation. This brings the tissue of the brain in direct contact to the radiation and it becomes easy to harm the brain.

Cell phone radiation being emitted out of the handset is rated according to the specific absorption rate (SAR). There are cell phone radiation levels that categorize cell phones according to the SAR. These cell phone radiation levels have been enforced throughout the world in order to protect the people from the ill effects of radiation. For different countries, these levels are different but the objective is the same.

However, these damages to the health of the humans happen over a long period because of prolonged usage of cell phones for more than a decade or so. This is because the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted out by the cell phones is very less and cannot cause substantial harm to the human health in one single exposure.

The biggest threat that radiation holds against humans is cancer. Every year, hundreds of cases come up in which the patient has developed cancer due to exposure to radiation. Another lesser-known harm that electromagnetic radiation causes is the mutation of cells and DNA of humans. The DNA is modified and the structure is altered because of the radiation exposure. This can be fatal in some cases and extremely critical in other.

Stress, hyperactivity, anxiety, high blood pressure, headache and disorientation are some of the other damage to your health that can be caused by electromagnetic radiation.

Emma L. has researched the radiation for many years. She wants to present some facts about cell phone radiation levels and electromagnetic radiation in general. But that is not all, she wants to warn you about the danger we are exposed to in everyday life.

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