Friday, 2 March 2012

Who Should You Listen to for Advice on Getting Fit and Healthy?

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This article will help you to answer the question: Who should I listen to for advice on getting fit and healthy? There are so many people, so many ideas and programmes out there all trying to tell you what to do. It can get very confusing can't it? So I'm going to give you 4 questions to help you choose.

1. Have they ever been unfit, overweight and/or unhealthy in some way? In other words, do they really understand the problems and challenges you are facing as you are striving to improve your health. I'm not saying that you can't learn from people who have always been naturally fit and well, indeed I think it's a good idea to observe them and see what positive habits they have that you can adopt. However if they have not experienced health challenges themselves and haven't had to work to overcome them, then they may not really get what you are going through and how best to deal with those challenges.

2. Are they recommending you make big changes straightaway? So, for example, are they suggesting that you immediately cut out particular foods or food groups such as wheat or that you start an hour long, high intensity exercise workout? For a small minority, this approach can work but for the rest of us mere humans this is the road to failure. So you want to look out for someone who advocates making small changes gradually over time and building up to the level of health and fitness you desire.

3. Do they explain and help you to understand that your mind, your thoughts, play a crucial role in helping you to get fit and healthy? Any programme that doesn't include this element but just focuses on making physical changes to your eating and exercise habits is liable to lead to failure. Your thinking has a direct effect on your behaviour and so if you aren't shown how to manage your thinking in a positive way then at some point it will sabotage your efforts e.g. "I've messed up and succumbed to eating that piece of cake" which then leads to the thought, "Well since I've already broken my diet I might as well have another slice" and before you know it the whole cake has disappeared.

4. Do they encourage you to get and set up personal support? This is a key element as having someone to report into, someone who will encourage you and remind you why your making these changes, will make achieving your goals so much more likely. You'll want to avoid the embarrassment of having to own up to not doing all that you planned.

So bear these questions in mind when you are next investigating a programme or person to help you improve your health.

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