Monday, 27 February 2012

Beauty Parlor Air Purifiers - 5 Features That Yield Huge Benefits

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Beauty parlors transform clients hair and nails into things of beauty. But breathing beauty parlor air every day can cause acute symptoms that can turn into health problems. And this is because many salon products contain heavy duty chemicals.

Using an air purifier to keep the air clean is just as important as having clean towels, brushes and combs, and the right shades of hair color and nail polish. Here are 5 features an air cleaner needs to have to be effective.

Enhanced Carbon Filter---The fumes that evaporate from salon products such as perms, hair dye, nail polish, and polish remover are often volatile organic chemicals. Even a small amount in the air can cause eyes to water, throats to burn, dizziness and even nausea.

And while carbon is well known for its ability to remove gaseous chemicals, VOC compounds are heavy duty and even carbon needs help to eliminate them effectively. That's why it is important that that activated carbon zeolite be enhanced with potassium iodide. This increases the carbon's ability to properly eliminate salon fumes.

Split Capacitor Motor---The best defense is a good offense. And having a cleaner with a motor that will allow it to run 24 hours a day means that fumes are never allowed to reach a level that would cause the acute symptoms that can make clients and staff so uncomfortable and sometimes cause clients to resort to using gas masks.

This type of motor allows filtration to be safe, effective, and continuous whether you are there or not. And being able to have the air filtered at night means you get to walk into a salon that smells fresh and clean every morning.

Steel Construction---Having a cleaner with a motor that runs all the time will generate heat. If your cleaner is made of plastic, changes are the heat from the motor will cause the plastic to give off noxious odors. This is obviously not something you want to happen, and you certainly don't want to pay for a cleaner that sends more fumes into the air. Selecting a purifier that is made of steel is an easy and effective fix to the problem.

Multiple Filtration Speeds---During peak times, if there a multiple stylists and technicians offering procedures that are smelly, the air quality can go downhill fast. A unit that allows you to control the rate at which the air is cleaned allows you to stay ahead of the problem.

Low, medium, and high settings give you the most control over how your air smells. And when things are less busy, you can save money and energy by being able to turn the filtrations speed back to low.

Wheels---Most air cleaners work by cleaning the air that is closest to them first, sending the clean air out into the space and pulling in more air. Having a purifier that has wheels means you can roll the cleaner closer to a stylist or an area that is producing the most fumes.

Heavy heavy-duty wheels that can roll easily over a number of surfaces means you are more able to contain the fumes and prevent them from affecting everyone in the salon.

Providing clean air for those in your salon is one of the most important services you can offer. Fresh air makes everyone feel better, and feel better about your salon.

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