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Nasal Irrigation Health Benefits

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There's lots of benefits from nasal irrigation, especially when using a neti pot. The approach of cleaning the nasal passages by way of a small but effective pot has been in existence for centuries; originally from an traditional Hindu tradition just before Yoga sessions. The neti pot can be a fantastically natural but still practical apparatus for eliminating harmful bacteria in addition to other likely dangerous debris in the sinus area, whilst reducing symptoms from the most recurrent illnesses today.

Allergy Relief

Most allergy sufferers contract an array of symptoms through the air they breathe. With so much contaminants, much like dust, dander and pollen, floating around through the environment, it's very simple for them to get stuck along the walls of the sinus cavity, then bring about allergy symptoms by irritating the body from within. A neti pot is a great solution to maintain and protect against these typical reactions by completely cleaning the nasal pathways of any contaminants that are able to possibly harm or bring about the allergies.

Sinus Congestion and Sinusitis

With so many pathogens that could easily get trapped inside the nasal cavity, it could be quite easy to get a sinus infection or to end up having sinus congestion on a regular basis. Using a neti pot to take out all those pathogens and encouraging a healthy working system, the odds of sinusitis will diminish dramatically, in addition, pressure from sinus congestion will drop to practically nothing.


It is possible to find a myriad of people who suffer from asthma all across the globe. While a great number of asthma cases aren't going to be so serious, there are individuals that have extremely serious issues during which even some specific prescription medications are incapable of treating the uncontrolled attacks. A good number of these medical conditions are brought on by the air and allergens within it. Nasal irrigation is meant to flush out each of the pollutants, germs and extra mucous that secures everything in the sinus passages. Despite the fact that the pot may not get rid of asthma, it will certainly lessen the sudden allergic reactions and stress from inside.

Headaches and Migraines

Much like asthma, millions of people have problems with severe headaches and migraines each day. Even though the chief cause for them is still unclear, it has been postulated that neti pots help ease and eliminate the continuous soreness and tension. Mainly because the saline solution used within neti pots is often a relaxing temperature that mimics one's body, when there is a rise in temperature inside the head from headaches, the water will in reality develop a bit of a cooling effect that has been shown to ease headaches and migraines.

Common Cold

While using a neti pot won't cure the common cold, its definitely an effective tool to assist with and clear the gloomy sensation and sinus tension in order to aid with clear breathing and congestion. By taking out the bacteria, it helps the body mend sooner whilst generating a more leisurely feeling for relaxation.

Eye Health

Although it has not been clinically proven, several neti pot fans have promoted the pot as a way to improve their vision and several other eye-related ailments. Due to the fact the eyes, ears and nose are all linked, employing a neti pot will not only cleanse the nasal pathways, but will also indirectly help clean other areas like the tear ducts from bacteria that will hinder or prevent them from properly cleansing the eyes.

Good Sleep

Good sleep is produced from many conditions, but most importantly, from correct breathing. The neti pot clears the nasal region and eliminates excess mucus that diminishes the area for air-flow, causing labored breathing. As a result this will cause unrest and difficulty for proper sleep. By consistently employing a neti pot, it's going to encourage all round health and also clear breathing for peaceful sleep.

Now that you've read the 7 health benefits of nasal irrigation, learn more about the health benefits (and cost advantages!) of using a neti pot. Also, don't forget to learn more about neti pot danger (and how to prevent it!) at the web's #1 nasal irrigation resource.

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