Monday, 27 February 2012

Medical Day Spas Can Boost Your Spirits

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In the winter months many of us tend to begin to notice differences with our bodies. Our skin begins to show the telltale signs of dry cold air and dry skin begins to itch. For those of us that already have dry skin the winter cold can cause havoc. Itching that never seems to go away and trying to use lotion after lotion and nothing is working. With all the money we spend on skin care products there may be a better solution.

Medical Day Spas can be more affordable than you think. Many of the spas offer specials and taking advantage of them pays off. Not only do we feel better, we are able to stop wasting money on products that are just not working. Many of the products that we think will make things better will cause more of a problem. Because the packaging on a product states it will "cure" things it can actually cause skin problems to get worse and require medical treatment.

Your local medical spa can offer treatments in many areas. Some of the treatments offered are:

· Medical-facials

· Hyper-Pigmentation Facial- for sun-damaged skin.

· Rosacea / Sensitive Skin Facial

· Acne / Deep Cleansing Facial

· Massage

· Manicures|Pedicures

The above list is just a fraction of the services offered by a medical day spa. So, what is the difference between a medical day spa and just a regular spa? The first answer may just be the cost of treatments. The cost of a treatment at a medical day spa may be a bit more for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is the skin care products that are used. The skin care products should be medical grade. When using the best of products the results of course will be much better.

When performing a pedicure is the water changed regularly in the chair? Some people may not even know the answer to this question. The scary thing is that in many spas the water is not changed nearly as often as it should be. This might be a question you want answered the next time you have a pedicure scheduled. In the cleanest of medical day spas the water does not sit at all. There are special chairs that are purchased and the water is continuously run through. The water never sits or is recirculated. When water is continuously run there is never a chance for bacteria to grow and cause harm.

Need your spirits lifted? Try a massage. The power of human touch is amazing and has been proven to benefit all areas of our lives. A medical day spa will have a variety of massages that are offered to help whatever type of ailment you are suffering with.

Debra Verville

Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill offers a relaxing environment in the cleanest of settings. Special offers are continuously offered so that everyone has the chance to relax and unwind. Looking for that special gift? A gift certificate is a perfect way to show someone you care.

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