Monday, 27 February 2012

Personal Trainer - Choosing the Right Person

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Instead of a traditional gym membership, working with a personal trainer can be the extra motivation you need to stay accountable. His or her professional advice and experience can ensure that a person is completing the right amount of exercise to achieve a specific goal. Strength training and weight loss goals require completely different steps to achieve the change.


A personal trainer needs to have some type of experience in the field. A person that is fit, that works out frequently, is not necessarily qualified to take responsibility for another person's fitness goals and routines. Look for someone that has worked with individuals or small groups in the past, with successful results. If possible, consider asking for references.

If trainers are associated with a gym or consultations and appointments come along with a gym membership, you can be sure that this person has experience. However, consider asking what type of experience he or she has. Does this person usually with any clients or clients that have a specific goal in mind. Finding someone with specific experience can maximize the benefits of meeting with a personal trainer.


It is common for a personal trainer to have a degree in things like exercise science, exercise physiology or even physical education. This course of study imparts knowledge about fitness but also includes extensive coverage of the human body, how it works, and what type of activities are beneficial from a healthy point of view.

Aside from working with other people on weight loss or fitness goals, check the professional's credentials. Is he or she associated with any type of organization? Do they have any certifications? When dealing with an individual or a business, think about asking whether or not they are licensed and insured. This can give a potential client some extra peace of mind.


Experience and credentials are great, but if a personal trainer doesn't have a personality that matches with or motivates a client, the professional relationship can fall apart. Request a meeting in advance of the first appointment. Ask questions about his or her philosophy of training. Ask about how this person will help reach the desired goal. This information can shed some light on what a future training session would be like.

Other trainers offer individuals a free session to provide an opportunity for each to get to know the other. This is a great chance to figure out if this is the right person to professionally commit to. During the training, think about how the trainer motivates and how he or she responds to questions and concerns. With the right personality, credentials, and experience, a good fit between trainers and clients can be established.

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