Friday, 10 February 2012

Salon Air Purifiers - 5 Perks For Using Them

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Salon air can become thick with fumes pretty quickly. And the worse part is the odor is tough to get rid of. Here are 5 really great benefits that can result from using an air purifier with the right stuff.

Removes Airborne Chemicals - Salon products have been giving off harsh smells for years. How many times have you walked down a street or a corridor in a mall and been able to smell the salon before seeing it?

Many products have moved to greener and more natural components, but many stylists and clients don't always feel the results are as good. So many of the latest procedures still emit harsh chemical fumes.

Being able to offer the latest procedures and not having to sacrifice the air quality is quite an advantage. Carbon based air cleaner with an additive to enhanced its capacity to remove chemicals is a must. And even though your shop may not come out smelling quite like a rose, it will be close.

Eases Client Concerns - Everyone has become more concerned about outdoor as well as the indoor air we breathe. The number of health conscious clients is increasing and that's a good thing! Being able to address health concerns by being proactive with an air cleaner can attract clients who would not otherwise risk the breathing hazards many salons pose.

Attracts And Keep Competent Staff - The number of nail salons continues to increase. There is almost one in every block, particularly in large and medium size cities. As a result, talented technicians have lots of choices about where they work and attract a following.

Being able to offer a work space that is attractive and healthy will put you miles ahead of the competition.

Control of Air Quality - If you lease the space where your shop is housed, you are often not in control of the heating and air conditioning, particularly if it is a large complex. Often the ventilation shuts off after a certain time each night and does not start again until the next morning.

This often means opening the door to yesterday's smells, and piling up more smells with the new day's procedures. With this lack of control, the air doesn't have a hope of getting or staying clean.

Having a portable unit that you can control is what's needed. It needs to able to operate safely 24 hours a day so that the chemical fumes are continuously removed from the air leaving it smelling fresh and clean whenever your door opens.

You Can Take It With You - Using a portable cleaner gives you maximum control over your air quality. When a particularly smelly procedure is happening, being able to roll the purifier closer means that the fumes are taken out faster and pollute the rest of your salon less.

A portable filter also means you control maintenance, and you can increase and decrease filtration speed as the day demands. And if you should move your salon around the corner or across the country, you have peace of mind knowing that healthy air in your salon is always as close as the nearest outlet.

Your salon can smell as pretty as you make people look.  Put the Beauty Salon Air Purifier to work for you today at

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