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Yeast Infections - The Enemy Within

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I have found harmony to be the 'golden key' of life. Business, relationships, health and nature all consist of complex structures. Each going many layers deep. While the various components of these structures play nicely together, and remain in harmony, all is well. But, as soon as this balance is disrupted, trouble ensues.

Candida, which is a yeast, or fungus, is present within all of us. Its presence is kept in check by the various good bacteria which patrol our systems. The good and bad bacteria cancel each other out, producing a level of harmony. All is well. Nothing to see here: move on.

However, should our defense system be compromised, due to stress, fatigue, recent surgery, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, pregnancy, tongue piercing, increased blood sugar levels or a recent course of antibiotics. The number of good guys in our system is depleted. This is where the candida microorganisms take their opportunity to multiply. An explosive yeast overgrowth commences and trouble ensues.

But hold on a minute! Aren't antibiotics supposed to stop this kind of thing? I mean, they are the 'Swiss Army Knife' of all things medical, surely? Well, actually no. In a cruel twist of circumstance, the antibiotics can be a bit too keen. They crush both the bad, but also the good, bacteria they encounter. Oops!

So now, unrestrained, these hoards of yeast bacteria run wild, like drunken frat boys, into their favorite habitat: our warm moist places. These include the mouth and the vagina.

Once they have moved in, and re-arranged the furniture, the symptoms of their occupancy begin to appear. Within the vagina these include:
A burning sensation during sexual intercourseContinual irritation of the vaginaSwelling and redness/rash around the vaginal areaA watery or 'cottage cheese' consistency vaginal dischargeA burning sensation during urination

But the guys in the mouth aren't sleeping on the job. Oh, no. Oral candidiasis (also known as "thrush") announces itself as a thick white, or cream-colored, deposit on the tongue. A cotton-wool type sensation in the mouth or temporary lost of taste, possibly with cracking in the mouth corners, illustrates that these guys know how to party hard too.

So far I've described localized candida issues. But systemic candidiasis, where the candida starts to invade our whole system, can commence where any bleeding occurs in the areas previously mentioned. For example: scratching of the vaginal itching can lead to slight bleeding. It is this blood exchange which discharges the candida microbes into the bloodstream and around our entire system. This leads the fungus into areas such as the colon, stomach, lungs, liver, bronchials, sinuses and even into the brain.

Luckily, help is at hand. There are many anti-fungal drugs available, together with holistic approaches, with which to kill off the offending infection. Those who are immunocompromised, due to chemotherapy treatment or those with HIV/AIDS, the course of treatment may involve intravenous anti-fungal drug administration.

Harmony can then, once again, be restored.

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