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Everyone Needs an Edge - Posture Yourself

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Whether young or old we all could use an edge in life. We prepare for a job interview or a college admission interview with a cover letter, resume and support materials that show our best endorsements, we pick out the clothes we will wear the day before our interview so that we give a great first impression and we are early and not late for the interview so we show our punctuality, but do we look at how we posture ourselves?

When you give that first impression to your interviewer do you project confidence? Is your posture positioned to show confidence when you stand, walk or sit during the interview process? Body posture can project confidence and belief in your abilities through the way you posture yourself. When the interviewer ask a question (even though your stomach maybe in a knot) and your posture is good, you will project confidence in your knowledge and experience which will assist the interviewer in believing in you and your abilities for the job. Showing a confident image will not only give off a confident image to your interviewer but also you will feel more confident in yourself.

To practice your posture, look in a mirror and watch how you hold yourself when; you shake a hand, sit in a chair, answer questions and how you walk. If your shoulders are rolled forward, or have forward leaning posture or slouch when you walk, practice straightening up your body alignment and roll your shoulders back.

Practice good posture as part of your daily routine. Some daily exercises that may help in obtaining good posture are rolling your shoulders forward and back to strengthen muscles and reduce muscle tension and when sitting or walking be aware of your posture and correct it when it happens, as you practice this during the day and everyday it will become a habit and you will automatically correct your posture. Daily exercise to increase your core muscle strength will also help to assist with good posture. The core muscles will assist in helping you support good posture and again give you the feeling of being stronger and more confident.

We all need every possible edge that we can get to help us land that interview. So as you look at your critical item checklist for that interview it should include: an effective cover letter, resume, support materials, the outfit and now your posture.

Wishing you great success in your interview! Posture Yourself!

Deb Contre author of Posture Correction and site for posture correction suggestions at:
"Keep you spine in line and everything will be fine."

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