Monday, 27 February 2012

You Could Have Larger Breasts This Summer If You Take Action Right Now: Part 2

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In this article we are going to present some breast enlargement options. In the last article, which was the first article of this collection I addressed the disadvantages of breast surgery. First, the cost and second the very real dangers that are associated with the surgical procedure. Just to recap, the potential risks are prolonged discomfort and soreness, possibly a number of additional surgeries in an attempt to have the normal life that was taken away from the initial surgery. The ultimate and most terrible complication can be a complete loss of feeling in the nipple region of the breast.

Now I want to go over some of the various natural breast enlargement options that are available to you. You'll find pills, creams, lotions, serums, pumps, exercises and bras that all promote enhancement benefits but do they work and if so, what is it that makes it work?

Lets talk about one item that doesn't physically enhance your breasts. This is the lift bra or the padded bra. They are healthy and do make the breasts appear larger but they require clothing so that they are not noticed by those around you. I was speaking to a friend one night on the phone and the husband was telling me a story in which he went out on a date. When he got to the girls place she removed her wig, padded bra as well as padded buttocks. He told me that she had looked good inside the bar when he had a couple drinks. Now he saw the bionic woman and it was a real turnoff. That isn't funny but it does illustrate a point. People will purchased and wear several physical contraptions designed to give the appearance of larger breasts and a more attractive body. The problem with these physical devices is that they are crutches and when the clothes come off you can't hide the true condition of your body.

Next lets consider the breast pump. The concept is that by sucking the breasts into a vacuum, it will cause the breast to enlarge. This is a flawed understanding of anatomy and physiology even though it makes sense to the ignorant. This myth is promoted for other parts in the human anatomy with the same lack of results. Don't confuse this particular pump with a breast milk pump, which covers only the areola to extract milk for future use. I will stop addressing this ridiculous contraption at this point. There are some reports of women hurting themselves and winding up with complications as a result of breast pumps for enlargement.

How about the breast enhancement exercises that you hear about? Do they work or are we just being bombarded with more propaganda to market something to the ignorant? Actually, the exercises do help make the breasts appear more youthful and larger. The exercises do not however increase the actual size of the breasts. These exercises strengthen the muscle tissues that support the breast, keeping the breasts from sagging. Exercises can give the breasts the look of being larger mainly because it holds them up.

Push-ups are good whether they are performed on the floor or facing a wall. The physical fitness of the person would dictate which method to use. Light flies are also beneficial since they strengthen the pectoral muscles.

In the next write-up I will compare natural herbal products for breast enlargement that include capsules, creams, lotions, serums and more.

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