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Common Mistakes People Make On The Journey To Wellness

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Mistake number one is misunderstanding the process of change and transformation. Despite a person's desire, enthusiasm and commitment, the journey is NEVER a straight shoot in the new direction. Two steps back will often follow taking one step forward toward change. During this backslide is often when people give up on themselves and their process. It is during this backslide where our Ego will seduce us into thinking it is impossible or too difficult to move forward. We judge our process and all our dreams and desires are subsequently abandoned.

This is a classic example of disconnection. The heart wants something the mind thinks is out of reach. In this case, if we never learn the language of feelings, which teaches us to validate, and to feel and release, instead of thinking our feelings, the mind will always win out.

Judgment always leads to stagnation and stagnation often leads to dis-ease (in the body or the mind). If instead, if we choose to look at the back slides as a lesson to be learned from, then we gain from it and it becomes part of the journey.

The next common mistake I see is the very common idea that it takes willpower and deprivation in order to achieve desired results. The truth is willpower is a very limiting power. Approaching the process from willpower and deprivation does not leave any energetic space for exploration. As a result of no exploration there is no information and therefore nothing is gained but frustration and defeat.

The energy of willpower is based in fear. This type of power is exhaustive and non-informative which, eventually wears us out!

Instead of deprivation and willpower, focus on "adding in the good stuff". This will ignite the creative process, which is filled with ever-lasting positive energy!

When we follow the prescription plan of a specific diet. The focus is set on what to eat instead of what the food gives us and even more importantly what is our psychological relationship with food.

Stress hormones in the brain negatively affect metabolism, digestion and absorption rate. What we are eating is only half of the story; our relationship to food and time is the other half.

The third mistake I see people making is the lack of realization that our body is made up of chemical reactions. The human body is a continuous series of action and reaction. Everything we ingest and absorb through the air, skin and our minds is combined with our unique system. Therefore every time we eat we are performing a science experiment, which will have a real world end result.

For example, most people think that their cravings are just part of their personality, family culture or daily habit, when in fact it is mainly a chemical or psychological association. Both of these reactions in the body can be altered given the appropriate remedy.

On point, the majority of sugar cravings are the body's call for balancing the blood sugar. Most of us do not realize how much sugar we are really taking in. When I first ask people to tell me what they had for breakfast they proudly tell me that breakfast is their best meal: dry cereal, skim milk with banana. For many of us, this doesn't sound so bad, however, even if all the ingredients were organic or natural it still ALL breaks down in our system as sugar. Putting that meal into an empty stomach is like setting a wildfire in your veins. That seemly healthy breakfast has just caused your blood sugar level to raise rapidly which will then in turn drop suddenly in few hours leaving you tired, confused, and hungry again. In contrast, a meal filled with healthy fat, fiber and protein will sustain better energy and mood levels resulting in a less caloric intake by days and weeks end.

The last mistake I will discuss is that most of us do not know how to hear and read the signs and signals the body is giving us. The body talks and if we want to reach our full potential for healing and wellness we MUST listen.

The human body is brilliant! The body has an unbelievable ability to heal itself. However, it must be given the chance. Cultivating a listening practice is mandatory for optimal health and wellness. It is for this reason, my approach includes a component of spirituality. The word spirituality means nothing more than consciousness.

A spiritual practice does not have to take a long time or a lot of money and anyone can practice! It is not even a luxury; it is a necessity for a balanced lifestyle of health and wellness.

We are living in a world where time seems to be speeding up and multi-tasking is a skill we are striving to hone. Carving out scared time to allow ourselves to be with ourselves is something we must remind each other to do. It is not selfish to take "me-time"; in my opinion, it is a way to be an energetic environmentalist. It will create a positive ripple effect for everyone in your life and on the planet.

A positive, energetic and spiritual life force, Susan Kullman is the founder and principal of Bodyology Systems.For more than 20 years, Susan has used her knowledge and experience to educate and inspire others. Her unparalleled ability to connect and motivate clients stems from her own personal journey toward wellness. Before she was a successful coach, Susan struggled with her own health crisis and weight issues.

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