Monday, 27 February 2012

TMJ Solutions

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Our jaw is connected to the rest of our head by the tembromandibular joint. Also known as TMJ this ball and socket joint allows for the freedom of motion we experience. A ball and socket joint is made up of a bone ending in a spherical knob. This knob embeds in the circular depression of another bone. A piece of cartilage acts as a buffer between the two bones.

TMJ syndrome begins to occur when this cartilage becomes worn out or damaged. Damaged can be caused by defect, trauma, or even stress. Yes stress can cause one to clinch or grind their teeth. This action causes unnecessary wear and tear on the TMJ joint.

This technical explanation may be a little bit much. After all if you are experiencing a lot of pain then all you really care about is finding TMJ solutions. The ear aches, headaches, popping, and clicking are probably driving you crazy.

I have discussed a little bit of the solutions for TMJ in previous articles. Here I will describe a few other options. Whether these become the TMJ solution you have been searching for is hard to say. TMJ does affect people in different ways and not all solutions work for every individual.

One form of treatment offers temporary relief from the pain you are experiencing. Acupuncture is a pain management solution often practiced by those in the Asian culture. It involves insertion and manipulation of thin needles into various parts of the body. Acupuncture seeks to correct imbalances within the body.

One surprising potential remedy for TMJ lies in Botox. Most of us have heard about using Botox to look younger. Yet this medication has been shown to work for neck muscle spasms, eye muscle disorders, and other ailments. Research is under way to determine if Botox can receive approval from the food and drug administration for help with TMJ.

A splint is one of the most common TMJ solutions administered by medical professionals. This splint is a device that has been molded to fit into your mouth. The key fundamental is to bring the jaw joint correctly into socket. In order for this to occur the teeth must all come together at the same time. The splint varies from person to person depending on the imperfections of the individuals teeth.

Remember if you are living with the paint of TMJ there is hope for you.

As stated before the list of solutions for TMJ is quite extensive. One area that I would recommend you further research is the natural TMJ solutions. This extensive TMJ solution has worked for thousands.

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