Monday, 27 February 2012

How To Cure Hemorrhoids

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This article is here to help you if you want to know how to cure a hemorrhoid or piles. When you are suffering from hemorrhoids you know just of how debilitating and painful the condition can be. Well help is at hand as we investigate how to cure a hemorrhoid for you.

Hemorrhoids Is A 'Condition'

Firstly, it's important to understand that hemorrhoids is a 'condition' and not a disease. This is an important distinction when seeking to understand how to cure a hemorrhoid. The difference is that a disease is caused by external influences on your body caused by agents (bacteria or viruses) that are attacking your body and causing its defenses to work hard. When bacteria or viruses strike then frequently various medicines can be used to attack them so getting rid of them and so a cure can be effected which kills off or removes the source.

A condition is simply defined as something that affects your body but is not the result of an infection. A demonstration of this is a pulled muscle when, after some over reaching or unusual activity, your muscle has become torn and inflamed and painful when moved. This is what causes muscular soreness and, in extreme cases, pain as your body tries to protect the muscle from further injury and then to begin the healing process. Here your treatment is designed to help your muscles on the road to recovery by applying pain relief, providing occasion for rest and delivering alternative treatments that are right for the condition.

Hemorrhoids treatment

So in your quest about 'how to cure a hemorrhoid' you are seeking a set of treatments that will…

1. Alleviate pain to make your life mode comfortable when you have the condition

2. Prevent the condition getting worse

3. Provide the necessary conditions to allow your body to cure itself.

In addition it should also give you the necessary information so that you can take steps to prevent the recurrence of the condition in future.

So, it is now clear that no one 'magic pill' is the solution. That's why any treatment you may have had a go at could assist, but it takes more than one approach to achieve a lasting resolution for your hemorrhoids or piles.

Palliative treatments for hemorrhoids.

Palliative treatments are not cures, but are a relief from the symptoms of your condition. Examples are:-

• Creams and wipes to administer pain relief and prevent infection should the skin become broken

• Suppositories to do the same when your hemorrhoids are internal

• Sitz baths which, for some people, provide welcome relieve from the discomfort caused by their hemorrhoids. It provides help by working to keep the sore area clean and by assisting the flow of blood.

Cure for hemorrhoids or piles.

There are a wide range of options for you to work on curing your hemorrhoids and you should select those that work for your condition by following good guidance. Some common themes are:-

• Drink more water and other fluids to keep your stools loose

• Undertake some specific exercises to increase the condition of your 'core' muscles and the flow of blood to your anal area

• Adjust your diet to achieve better quality of stools

There are many more detailed examples for you to study and select, more than can be covered in this short article so please read on via the link as you discover more about how to cure a hemorrhoid.

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