Monday, 27 February 2012

A Look at What Sports Medicine Is All About

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If you play sports, whether it be professional sports or just for fun you can find yourself dealing with aches, pains and discomforts in your joints and muscles. An occasional ache or pain is something you can deal with on your own but an injury that happens on the field may require an examination by a sports medicine specialist for an appropriate diagnoses and subsequent treatment.

It helps to first have an understanding of what sports medicine is. It is the study as well as the practice of medical related principles that are associated with the science of sports. In particular the areas that this branch of medicine deals with include sports injury diagnosis and treatment and the prevention of sports injuries. It also has to do with sports training and athletic performance which involves such subjects as sports nutrition, sports psychology and exercise.

A sports medicine specialist is a person who has received specialized education and training in this area. The individual focuses their attention on the medical as well as the therapeutic aspects involved in physical activity as well as participating in sports. A specialist in this area may be a doctor, a surgeon or other type of healthcare provider who does a great deal of work with athletes.

Most athletes who are dealing with a sports related injury prefer to see a practitioner who has the training and experience needed to treat athletic related injuries and conditions. The simplest way to find such a person is to ask other athletes if they can recommend anyone. Talk to those who are involved in local sports teams, as well as clubs and healthcare associations and organizations for referrals. Once you have been given some names then you will need to finds out about the qualifications for each person on your list.

One thing you need to know as you go about checking qualifications is that board certification in the areas of sports medicine is not something that is presently available for healthcare providers. However there was an extra certification examination created that became available to practitioners in 1993 that grants what is known as a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine. This certificate can only be obtained by clinicians who have already received Board Certification, by way of the American Board of Family Practice, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

If you have sustained a sports injury and need to have it looked at then for those who belong to an HMO or a PPO your family doctor should be the first professional you turn to for help. Even if your primary care physician is not a specialist in this area he or she may still have the skills and training necessary to help you with the injury you are dealing with. Minor injuries of a musculoskeletal nature such as acute strains or sprains generally respond very well and reasonably fast to traditional treatments.

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