Friday, 10 February 2012

Non Surgical Nose Job, Is It A Good Option?

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Are you frustrated with the shape of your nose? Does it look a little awkward in relation to your entire facial structure? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then I bet you already know that there are a lot of options to remedy this problem. But there is a new procedure that has raised a few eyebrows, and this is nose reshaping injections, an example of non-surgical nose job.

When we think of nose jobs, the thing that first comes to mind is surgical intervention. Rhinoplasty is always the trusted intervention to give the nose a makeover to make it more appropriate to your face and to your liking as well. Others who are not open to the idea of blood and incisions, they take more conservative actions by using tiny instruments, or what is also called as nose clips, which can be placed inside the nostrils to elongate or shape the nose better.

So what does nose injections have that makes it a viable option for the aesthetic improvement of your nose?

First of all, it can be considered as a good measure to improve your nose shape because it is less invasive compared to the typical procedure. It goes in line with the demand for painless measures that provides them with lesser risks and complications.

You see, with the traditional rhinoplasty procedure, it would require a break in your skin integrity which exposes you to infection. Other concerns include the pain associated with the procedure and the extent of the healing time.

A certain amount of pain may still present with nose reshaping injections, but they are minimal. And there are no wounds that you have to wait a few months to let it heal. It only takes little to no downtime with faster results and very few side effects.

The materials used for nose reshaping injections include Botox, Restalyne or Radiesse, and these substances are safe and FDA approved.

Other advantages that non surgical nose jobs have are that it adds some volume on the particular area in which it is injected. This is perfect for those who only want to fix a nose bump or a depression. It also adds more definition and projection especially for those noses that looks timid or weak for in relation to the entire facial structure.

However nose reshaping injections have certain limitations. Although the procedure can increase the size or volume of the nose, it cannot be used to minimize it. It only goes one way.

Another downside to this procedure is that it does not provide permanent results. If you want to maintain the results, you need to take the injections at least once or twice a year. It is also not a good option for those who have a severely deformed nose.

Although it does not require any age limit, it is important that the nose be fully grown.

But just like the traditional male and female nose job, it is still very important to have an experienced surgeon who knows how to fashion your nose well. But in the end I'd still prefer something permanent, so I'd put my money on nose surgery, although nose reshaping injections are always a good option! In fact it can be used as a trial run for how your nose would look should you get any surgery done.

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