Friday, 10 February 2012

Why Are You So Lazy When It Comes to Your Health?

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When it comes to being healthy, there are thousands of people who become lazy. They become lazy when it comes to their health and they wonder why they have symptoms of illness or disease. They wonder what may have caused the heart attack or stroke.

The cause of many sicknesses, diseases, and health traumas such as heart attacks can be linked to food additives. I would say food additives cause many of the illnesses people encounter today.

Since the damaging effects of food additives do not occur immediately, a person does not often put two and two together. There are many harmful food additives that when consumed throughout the years starts to cause illness and disease. Some of these are artificial sweeteners, MSG (monosodium glutamate), and trans-fats.

When you decide to purchase a food item, you need to learn to not only read the nutrition label, but you also must read the list of ingredients. It may seem time-consuming or too much trouble at first, but it will become easier.

When you start reading the list of ingredients, you will begin to see all of the harmful chemicals, additives, and "nicely-named" toxins and poisons in your food.

One of the main additives that causes a lot of life-long destruction in the form of heart attacks and strokes are trans-fats. These are listed on the nutrition label. If there is more than 0.0 trans-fats, you should not consume that item. Trans-fats can also be recognized by the ingredients list. If you see the words "partially-hydrogenated", those are trans-fats. You need to read both the nutrition label and the ingredients. Some manufacturers won't list their food as having trans-fats in both places or they will use a disguised name in the list of ingredients.

Trans-fat is the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes. It is a man-made, un-natural fat. The other three fats of saturated, poly-unsaturated, and mono-unsaturated are not damaging as these are naturally occurring in foods.

Stop being lazy when it comes to your health and you'll find that you feel better and have less occurrence of illnesses and symptoms of disease.

Many of the packaged food items are unhealthy for you. Many of the frozen food items are unhealthy for you. Just because it looks pretty and healthy on the box, doesn't mean that it is.

The easiest way to shop healthy in the grocery store is to buy items in their natural state from the produce section of the store. Some nuts are ok too as long as they don't contain MSG (natural flavor) in them. If you like meat, be sure it doesn't have any harmful food additives in them.

Lastly, just because it says organic, doesn't mean it is healthy. Many of the organic foods have harmful food additives in them as well.

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