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The Most Common Hip Pain Causes

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If you have ever looked at a picture of the hip you will notice that it is a very tight-knit area (as opposed to the hip flexor, which is a large muscle group), where everything needs to be precise to work correctly. If there is even one small thing that is not functioning correctly, there can be massive problems to the entire hip.

The hip is composed of bones, joints, bursas, tendons, nerves, and there are many ways each of these can hurt. The hip pain causes looked at in this article will focus on the most common sources of pain, because there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways hip pain can be caused.

Hip Pain Causes in Detail

The following sections will outline the 5 sources of hip pain causes and explain a little more of what they mean for you.


You are probably familiar with fractures as a result of trauma; most people have broken a bone at some point in their life. Unfortunately, a fracture in the Hip can be more problematic than other locations. A hip fracture usually occurs near the top of the thigh bone (femur) and almost always requires surgery to fix. Not only that but there can be other damage done to the region that is overlooked because of the break and can continue to cause pain after the bone is healed. Older people are especially at risk for a hip fracture as their bones often thin out as they age.


Contusions, often referred to as bruises, are the result of a blunt trauma, often experienced while playing a contact sport. The pain from a bruise is usually caused from inflammation, while the actual injury is caused by damaged structures in the surrounding muscles.


Inflammation can occur in several different types of body parts, but most commonly is found in tendons. Tendons attach the muscles in your body to other structures, usually bones. If the inflammation in the tendon is bad enough it can lead to tendonitis of the afflicted muscle which can cause sustained pain over a long period of time.

A common instance of inflammation in the hip is to one of the bursa located along the femur. The bursa is a fluid-filled sac that acts as a cushion for the bone against other tissue in the body. When the bursa becomes inflamed it is called bursitis, and is a very common running injury that causes pain during movement.


There are several conditions and diseases that are hip pain causes. These usually develop slowly over time, the most well-known one being Hip Arthritis. Arthritis is essentially the wearing down of protective cartilage at a joint and leads to very painful bone on bone contact.

Secondary Sources

Since the Hip is such a crucial and central body part, pain that starts in other places may be a hip pain cause. One example of this is Piriformis syndrome, which originates along the back of the leg. When the Sciatic nerve is pinched, in some cases the pain is felt in the hip region because of the long length of the nerve and the location of the pinch. There are also cases where people get groin or abdominal hernias that occur really close to the Hip Joint.

Information is power; you owe it to yourself and your body's health to understand your injuries. If you are able to understand injuries, you can diagnose them faster, treat them better, and recovery to the highest possible levels.

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