Friday, 10 February 2012

Causes of Thrush - Learn More About It

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Being aware of the reasons and causes of Thrush is actually the top secret to prevention and one of the best means to put into practice the most accurate measures so that the signs never get a chance to show up ever again.

Thus, Thrush is an infection that is comes from by a particular kind of fungal infection which is called Candida. It can grow in various different body parts of both males and females. In general, Candida is normally unproblematic and is present in your body, in particular in the digestive tract and skin. In a healthy human body, this substance is kept under control by the entire body's immune system along with the relevant bacteria which appear naturally within the body as well as on the skin.

As soon as the immune system goes down for some reason or even the good bacteria are not available in the required amount which is useful in protecting the body from this fungal infection Candida, it leads to the occurrence of a Thrush infection. This generally occurs when you are prescribed antibiotics to treat a preliminary medical condition. In such a scenario, the immune system of the body gets under a lot of pressure as it is already fighting an infection, or illness and the antibiotics prescribed are killing not only the bad but the good bacteria as well.

You need to keep this fact in mind that antibiotics do not discriminate. They are not only going to kill a bacterial infection but will also kill the good bacterium that is helpful in keeping your immune system and your body in good health. In these instances, the Candida cells that occur naturally in the human body proliferate and become opportunistic leading to a yeast contamination which is more frequently called Thrush.

If you are prescribed anti-fungals to cure your Thrush, you will notice that the relief you get is short term, as the medication actually compromised the two vital elements that were essentially protecting your body such as the immune system as well as the good bacteria that is found in the human body naturally.

As a result, if you are taking antibiotics as prescribed by your medical practitioner to fight a bacterial infection, you also need to ensure that you take a course of probiotics as it is going to be exceedingly beneficial in restoring the required amount of good bacteria that would be killed by the use of antibiotics. Keep this fact in your mind that this does not happen to be an enduring solution, as the best defense for any sort of infection is to have a healthy body with a elevated degree of good bacteria as well as a strong immune system.

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