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Flu Season Is Here, November To April

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If you have not yet been influenced this year by anybody else's Flu Tips, my humble offerings are here for your perusal. Flu is a serious state of your affairs, because I am not going to get the flu this year. I will have done everything in my power to avoid contracting it: I will duck when anyone sneezes. Try this, because you do not want those squiggly little viruses to get near your hands, mouth or nose. And you can do your part of communal teaching on this subject by stopping the culprit on the street, no matter who is looking on, and giving him the hard facts of sneezing into his sleeve. And, do not be touching public telephone receivers and doorknobs indiscriminately: you know they are laden with the evil virus that landed there randomly on the palm and fingers of a beautiful snot covered child.

Remember, especially if you are kind of old, that you are one of the easiest persons to give the disease to, and that during the holidays you must not allow your grandchildren to crawl up onto your lap. And, please, do not think that you can get away with hugging or kissing behind the door where nobody can see you, because this leaves its residue in all the wrong places and causes disasters later, like the flu. None of this kissing and hugging can happen again until probably the middle of April. Kids, you need to know not to ask Grandmother for hugs and kisses during the flu season. She needs to be watched because she will do it in spite of the rules. Be aware that the only thing that carries the viruses and helps to spread the disease is those sickly drops of spit or sneezing liquid, or lung/bronchial tube mucous that enter Grandmother's mouth, nose, throat, bronchial tubes and lungs.

You can imagine how finely a sneeze shapes those droplets into such small particles that you cannot feel them landing on you. The respiratory tract is warm and moist and is a wonderful nest for those viruses; they stay in there for one to four days thinking aloud, hence those groans and coughs, about how to make their host the most miserable. Then they come up with this preposterous idea of causing irritation inside their nest and producing lots of runny nose glue,. But, that is not good enough; they have to go and cause a fever, cough and body aches. Most of the symptoms stay there in the respiratory tract, but sometimes people get abdominal messages, like diarrhea and vomiting: Look out, Kids, it is mostly you!

The most economical and all-around way to prevent flu in your home is to get everybody over 6 months of age down to the doctor to receive flu vaccine in whatever form you prefer: The flu shot is given with a needle; a high-dose vaccine given to people 65 or more; a seasonal flu shot is given to people 6 months of age and older, or a nasal spray vaccine. The vaccine stimulates the antibodies that protect against the virus to develop.

Vaccines definitely do not cause flu. That vaccines cause flu is just a vague memory at this time. The fear started when, in 1979, live viruses were used in vaccines: people got sick. We use dead viruses now and flu virus is made up of parts of viruses, or a live, weakened virus, which is harmless to transmit the flu.

Vaccines have two reasons to exist: to protect the vaccinated person and all the household members, because the one vaccinated will not be able to spread the flu. The flu vaccine is 59% effective, but it is the best way to defend against the virus.

Take it easy on your, exercise routine while you are sick!

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With this background legacy, Margaret married and raised six boys, went back to school and became a registered nurse; this was her profession for many years. Now that she has retired, her energy level still high, she has built a brand new website, that features all manner of exercise equipment, including exercise bicycles, home gyms, pilates, jump ropes and much more. She also has an entertaining blog. Please contact me at 530-389-8928 or leave a message.

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