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Exposure to Mercury - Top ten reasons to worry

With so many things to think, why must still add us something to the list? The answer is that the failure to pay attention to our exposure to mercury and its means of symptoms, addition of a multitude of problems to those with which we already have case.

And, Alternatively, paying attention now, avoid us these issues entirely, or catch early, until they are misdiagnosed as, say, attention deficit, hyperactivity, mental illness, sclerosis, chronic fatigue and more.

Here are ten reasons to be wary of exposure and accumulation:

1. Mercury is the most toxic, that we are regularly exposed.

2. Mercury accumulates in the human body because we are at the top of the food chain.

3. At the United States, the mercury exposure is considerable. A study indicated that 8% of women had levels of mercury higher than national guidelines.

4. A major source of the ingestion of mercury for humans humans is fish and seafood because they naturally store mercury in their bodies.

5 Mix is one of the major sources of mercury exposure, because they consist of a volatile mixture of 50% of liquid mercury and other toxic metals.

6. When the mercury in dental amalgam is exposed to saliva, result, an electric pump that moves of mercury in the body.

8 People who have several amalgam have on average ten times more mercury in feces and saliva than free people of amalgam.

9 When the amalgam is replaced, mercury levels decline about 90% in feces and saliva and 75% in the urine.

10 Levels of safe exposure to mercury as defined by government agencies are based on "doses" in an exhibition. However the mercury accumulates in our bodies. This fact is not supported into account when setting such guidelines.

Nowhere is this more evident risk to try to become pregnant and give birth to a child healthy and normal. In this process, the different forms of mercury can carry different risks. For example, has been shown that the toxicity of an embryo are organic and inorganic mercury in animals, but apparently have demonstrated that the fetuses of pregnant women exposed to methylmercury excess risk (called embryotoxicity..) only

Occupational exposure to inorganic mercury in women who become pregnant has been demonstrated to cause an error in cell division in the developing embryo. The result is that, during cell division, the "daughter" cells end up having the number of chromosomes, either too much or too little. (called "aneuploidy.")

This disturbance in the genetic code, which the human body is built in utero may result in spontaneous abortions or a newborn which is resistant to after birth, or a variety of congenital diseases and birth defects.

Mercury also affects sperm. The authors Ernst and Lauritsen showed that the organic and inorganic mercury decreases the percentage of sperms. They report that "after incubation for 15 min with 40 µM of mercuric chloride a significant decrease in sperm motility was observed." Less than 5% of sperm were mobile after 30 minutes of exposure to methyl mercuric chloride 20 µM. »

These are some of the many reasons that we need to be proactive prevention mercury exposure in the first place and prevent its accumulation in our bodies when we are exposed... We can begin by refusing all vaccines for ourselves and our children thimerosal-containing and by making certain that no dentist does never place of silver amalgam (mercury more than 50%) in our mouth or those of our children.

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