Monday, 27 February 2012

Should You Have Shoulder Surgery?

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Shoulder surgery is serious and you need to have all of the necessary information at your disposal before you can know for sure if you should have surgery on this part of your body or if there is another option for you that is non-surgical in nature. A great deal of thought must always go into the decision to have a surgical procedure or not to.

When you first injure your shoulder the acute discomfort that comes from it maybe something that you can treat at home with such things as rest and ice packs. However unless you are a medical practitioner yourself and you do not notice a change in your condition within the first few days following the injury then you need to go see your primary care physician right away.

The doctor can examine your shoulder and you can tell him the circumstances that led to your injury, such as a sports injury for example. Non-surgical options to shoulder surgery that the doctor might recommend for you include physical therapy and medication. If he feels that the condition is serious enough to warrant a closer look by another professional then he will refer you to a specialist.

An orthopedic surgeon can determine if you are a candidate for shoulder surgery. If you suffer from persistent pain and it affects your ability to do things and function properly then the time to think about shoulder replacement might be now.

When non-surgical methods are not capable of alleviating pain then shoulder surgery becomes the predominant option that the doctor looks at. Other signs that surgery could be the best option for the patient include loss of motion, aching in the muscles or joints that is followed by periods when there is relief from the pain, discomfort following excessive use and stiffness that sets in following rest or a period of inactivity. As well if pain in a joint or muscle gets worse when there is a great deal of humidity then visiting the ideas of surgery might be a very wise idea.

The surgeon will closely examine the patient referred to him to make a proper diagnosis and to decide if treatment in the form of shoulder surgery is in order. If he feels that surgery is the best course of action then he will have to figure out which form of surgery would be the best approach. A shoulder replacement operation is not fitting for a patient who does not have sufficient bone in the affected area or if the bone in question is not strong enough to be able to support the introduction of an artificial shoulder. Surgery is also not an option for an individual who has developed an infection.

Most physicians will try other less invasive methods to help a patient with a shoulder condition before they resort to surgery. However a person with advanced joint disease should receive an evaluation from the doctor as soon as possible.

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