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How much water, tea, coffee, juice and alcohol you should drink every day

How much water to drink? What coffee, tea, juice or alcohol? In this article I discuss the science behind the intake of fluid and make a few recommendations of common sense.


When I did research on this article, I quickly realized that there is literally zero the science behind water dosing recommendations. It is clear that we cannot quantify the variability of water for any needs.

Is it a rule of thumb that I follow to get a raw numbers: take your weight in pounds, it reduce by half and then subtract ten per cent to reach your daily intake of fluid ounces. If you weigh 200 pounds, then your rough number is therefore 90 ounces of fluid per day. Try to give you the possibility to drink the amount of water or you ensuring you always have water handy and sip to it regularly.

If you exercise in the Sun all day, your need could easily be double number or more. Also, body fat levels affect your water needs. If you have a high level of body fat, you need less water because the fat is much less metabolically active and uses less water.

Keep in mind that be dehydrated by even a small amount limits cellular energy production and fat burning capacity.

Are all liquids

You can count other liquids out the water to your daily intake of water; soup, juice, tea, coffee, etc.

There is meme floating around saying that drinking caffeinated beverages may take more water agency that they have added. is not true! Although not as moisturizing as non-diurétique drinks, caffeinated beverages moisturize you even more they put you on hold. You earn more that you lose, drink water so far.

Coffee and tea

If you feel guilty taking caffeine, I suggest reading "the benefit of caffeine: how to sharpen your mind, improve your physical performance and achieve your goals - the healthy way" by Weinburg and Bealer. One exception: stay away from coffee and black tea if you have some fibroids uterine myoma aka. Otherwise, enjoy your personal tolerance, it is safe.

Green tea

Green tea is more popular than ever in the United States and many benefits for health. It promotes the burning of fats, detoxifying, and have cancer-fighting benefits. However, green tea is also known to draw many of fluoride of the Earth, so that you no longer wish to do your consumption of green tea, even naturally natural fluoride can make your fragile bones in too high and cause hypothyroidism. If your water source already contains fluoride, it may be wise to limit your consumption of green tea to one serving per day.


Those of you who know me know that I am not a big fan of juice at all, I say eat the fruit in the place and gain blood sugar stabilizers effects of fiber. Juice is cooked almost always too. But natural juice in small amounts you will do no harm. However, there is increasing evidence that fructose, the principal sugar in fruit juice can be a culprit of the drop and the fatty infiltration of the liver. I recommended to limit your total fructose consumption to 15 grams per day.


We have known since the original Framingham study that drinking alcohol has a protective effect against the plaque in the arteries (atherosclerosis). Now, the research evidence is indisputable: alcohol is not only protective against the blood plaqueing, but drinkers live also longer than the voters, and this effect is against all forms of alcohol; beer, wine and spirits.

Double-edged sword

Remember that alcohol is associated with negative outcomes such as accident of motor vehicle, damage to the liver, gunshot wounds and damage to the brain. Article blogger Jonah Lehrer in its September 2010 article "Why alcohol is good for you" attributes of alcohol and socialization, the benefits on health. There is ample evidence showing that socialization is a great life Extender and amplifier for quality of life.

However, there is also the science that indicates that it has physiological benefits to alcohol which are distinct from the advantages of being social. For example, alcoholics who have small or no social circle were no arterial plaque.


Hormesis is the idea that low doses of toxic substances such as alcohol evoke a favourable response from the activation of pathways of metabolic detoxification of the body to eliminate alcohol. The idea is that, as long as the dose is correct, you win more metabolic changes to care for the toxin than you lose damage induced by toxin. Hormesis remains somewhat controversial in medicine, but it sounds like common sense to me.

What amount of alcohol to drink

The best scientific data suggest benefits of advanced 2-4 drinks a day for men and 1-2 glasses a day for women. Keep in mind that people are variable; two major factors are body weight, the genetic capacity. Another is nutritious. Your plan provides the mineral, vitamin and phytonutrients you need correctly to detoxify alcohol?

Black beans are the richest food source that I know for molybdenum, the central mineral for the enzyme alcohol-treatment "alcohol dehydrogenase". If you are sensitive to alcohol, try to eat black beans on a regular basis to see if that makes a difference for you.

What to do with this information? Personally, I have decided to adopt a moderate approach, in the hope that I can get elicited detox-stimulant advantages and circulatory benefits while minimizing the neuro-toxic and Hepato-toxic effects with regular low doses. Thus, I find myself in the strange position of the summer trying to develop a habit of alcohol consumption. I have set to 1-2 drinks in the evening. I think of it as maintenance necessary artery.

I continue to weigh the evidence indicating that heavy drinkers live even longer than moderate drinkers. Must continue this trend in science, it might be a good argument for alcohol consumption increased. For now, I rather driving around cars that it is logical to stick to low doses.

It that you have it, drink plenty of water, coffee and tea. Minimize the consumption of juice. Keep a clean water near you and sip throughout the day. Daily alcohol consumption probably will you live long as long you stay on car accidents. Drink and be social for a long and healthy life.

Dr. Hans Conser was a massage therapist for seven years before going to the University of Parker for his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and practice of care chiropractic Network Spinal Analysis and functional medicine in Bozeman Montana since 1999. He too spends time reading science and had a passionate interest of whole foods nutrition and nutritional supplements so he will remember. You can read more by Dr. Hans to his chiropractor Bozeman blog.

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