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How to Stay Healthy Without Killing Yourself

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T.M.I. means too much information and in this age of unlimited access by unlimited people to unlimited broadcast methods - in all fields there is T.M.I.

The 'health and wellness' field is no exception.

But the advantage to overall health for an individual (living in the western world) is it's actually quite simple. Yes. Simple.

Now this is not about curing diseases or ongoing illnesses you may have. This is presuming you have no life threatening conditions at present, but want to create a healthy, full life for yourself. A life of 'Optimum Health'. And let's say Optimum Health is the best health you can achieve as an individual (given your genetics and previous lifestyle etc.) starting now. The best health, the best energy, the best life.

A life of Optimum Health is where you are happy with yourself, and happy with your body.

Now the steps are simple, but do require change.

If you eat too much and are overweight for your body type - you have to cut back. If you eat fast food constantly - you have to stop. If you never exercise - you have to start.

I didn't say it was a no-work program, but it is simple. And it will never change no matter what new 'medical breakthrough' flashes across your local news broadcast tonight or next week, or next year. Because health is basic stuff, we just give in to too many temptations and stresses and then want a pill or MRI scan to fix us up.

Is it worth being healthy?

Is it worth having all the energy you need?

Is it worth living with less stress and less dis-ease?

It is of course up to you. But you can have all that without a PHD in science or doing things so radical and difficult they nearly kill you. Remember this:- everything always in balance.

Here we go - 8 simple life changing steps

1) Stay away from activities that produce chronic diseases: Heart attacks, High blood pressure, cancer, obesity, diabetes, for instance all have these common causes - being overweight, smoking, lack of exercise, stress, bad nutrition, lack of sleep or rest. Of course you cannot stop a disease if there is a genetic predisposition, but you can put all the odds in your favor. This step 1 is really the overview for the other steps

2) Exercise - as they say - just do it. Don't go crazy. Don't buy every Life-Cycle you see on late night television. Just do what your body was designed to do. Use it, frequently. Walk up stairs. Walk down stairs. Walk to the store when you can, or bicycle. Go outside and play with your kids. If you like to swim, swim at least once a week.

If you like Yoga - go for it. But after you are tired of all the fads and gym memberships, stay exercising - not for the thrill, or the weightless or the endorphin rush. Stay exercising because it will give you a good energetic life. Do something every day that increases heart rate. Remember you don't have to kill yourself. You just have to use your body and its muscles the way it was designed. Move it. Every day, in some way

3) Nutrition - Part 1. Macronutriton- the right carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Not one more than the other. Balance (no matter what all the fads say- balance)Take time to find out what those label ingredients mean. Take time to find out how much you need, and how much you don't need.

(The Institute of Medicine recommends: 45-65% carbs 20-35% fats 10-35% protein in a balanced diet.)

4) Nutrition -Part 2. Micronutrition- Vitamins, minerals and herbs for health. Take a good multivitamin or multivitamin supplement. Something that is made from whole plant food not synthetically made. Take the time to do some research. Nutrilite Double X and XtendLIfe Balance are two good places to start - top quality premium products. Take some time, do some research. Don't buy hype, you are buying nutrition. Remember these product don't cure cancer or make you leap tall buildings. They make up for the micronutriton that is missing in our Western World's diets. Choose good products - not miracle claims

5) Attitude. Your outlook on life and the people around you. It is said all you need for a happy life is something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. In other words - have hope, love and a positive activity in your life. At all times. Your mind can cause as much dis-ease as any virus. You immune system is a delicate thing and lack of nutrition is one way to kill it. Stress, worry, anger and depression are other ways. Work at a positive outlook. Work at a genuine regard for the rest of humanity. It won't kill you. But if you allow too much negative in your life -that will.

6) Rest. Adequate rest. Sleep - somewhere between 7 to 8 hours a night. Remember you can't 'bank' sleep. That is sleeping in on the weekend doesn't alleviate the stress you put on your body with 4 and 5 hours sleep during the weekdays. Rest and Downtime. Schedule sometime each week where you just - do nothing. No noise, no kids, no partner, no nothing. Downtime. Allow yourself some rest each week

7) Find a good doctor. Get a general physical once a year. If female take a pap test once a year. With high blood pressure, early onset of Cancer and a lot of chronic diseases - you don't physically notice them until it's too late. A little prevention prevents a lot of cure. Find a good doctor, visit her or him once in a while.

8) Balance in all things. Don't find a crazy doctor, a fad doctor - don't go to free first year medical students. Don't exercise like crazy one month then nothing. Balance. Make balance your lifestyle.

Is it worth being healthy?

Is it worth having all the energy you need?

Is it worth living with less stress and less dis-ease?

It is of course - up to you.

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